High tea at the Burj al Arab

Seven star hotel

The Burj al Arab is the icon of Dubai. This self proclaimed seven star hotel has the shape of an Arabic sailing ship. It also comes with seven star room rates. A standard room starts at 1000 dollars a night. If you want an upgrade for a suite, multiply it by ten. Sleeping under seven stars wasn’t going to happen for us. And paying the hotel a visit isn’t possible without a reservation. You won’t pass the security gate. Luckily for us we had a reservation for the one o’clock high tea. The place to be was the Skyview bar, on the top floor of the hotel. Like the name says, the bar offers a great view on the coast. The perfect location to start our vacation…

Burj al Arab

Bridge to the hotel

The lobby

It’s only 12 o’clock when our taxi driver parks his car between some shiny Rolls Royces. The Burj uses these to pick up resort guests at the airport. When we enter the lobby the staff offers us some cold towels and Arabic dates. While we’re cooling our faces we’re staring up the huge lobby. With 180 metres it’s one of the highest lobby’s in the world. We’ve seen it on TV several times but standing there is something else. It’s almost impossible to capture the beautiful architecture in one shot. The contrast between the bright white walls and the shiny gold  makes the place look really luxurious. Colourful fountains are dancing in the lobby. We take the escalators to the next level, where you can find some shops and restaurants. We pass the golden elevator doors that lead you to the hotel rooms and arrive at the reservation desk of the skyview bar. While we enjoy the great view at the ocean, we wait patiently for our outside elevator that will lead us to seventh heaven…

Burj al Arab fountains

The lobby fountains


Skyview bar

Skyview bar

High tea

Arriving early has some benefits. You can wander arond in the lobby and take some pictures. But you can also choose one of the best tables in the Skyview bar. There are 5 tables next to the window that offer the best view over the Dubai coastline. Make sure you get one of these.

When the golden elevator doors open ‘Zen’ is waiting for us. He will be our personal waiter today. A harpist is playing romantic background music. The setting is luxurious and we’re excited when we take place at our table. With a glass of Roederer champagne we enjoy the breathtaking view. if you like the Dom Pérignon better, you can upgrade for only 60 dollars…per glass. After our champagne we try several fresh juices, smoothies and ice coffees. Leaving hungry is not an option. ‘Zen’ brings us a seven course meal including scones, sandwiches and pastries. Every bite we take is simply delicious. Speaking of Zen, the staff does an excellent job. Every member adresses you with your name and they just keep smiling and spreading a positive vibe.

Sky View bar


Our own Burj with pastries


Behind this beautiful hotel there’s a hidden beachclub. Renting a private cabana will cost you 600 dollars, including butler service, your very own bahtroom and a fridge with exclusive wines. Unfortunately this was way outside our budget. But who knows some day we’ll take a swim there. A high tea in the Sky View bar is available from 620 dirham (about 155 dollars). Not really cheap for a cup of coffee and some pastries, but the overall experience is really worth it. It still is the cheapest way to experience and enjoy the Burj al Arab. Make sure you’re on time for the best views and enjoy your stay!

Burj al Arab




  • Karen 18 May 2017 at 19:54

    Woow de Burj, wil ik ook ooit wel eens bezoeken, 7* en pure luxe 🙂
    dank je voor de inspiratie


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