tomorrowland party flight

Party flight to Tomorrowland

Thanks to Brussels Airlines we were able to fly the party flight to Tomorrowland. Get on board with us and experience the madness…

Party flight

From 79 destinations all over the world Brussels Airlines is flying in more than 10000 party people to Belgium.Their destination is Tomorrowland, the most famous dance festival in the world. We were invited to join the people of tomorrow on one of the special party flights.

Brussels airport

Brussels airport

Business class

Brussels airport is nicely decorated in the festival theme. There are a lot of festival and some of them are among the best in the world. Something we can be proud of in Belgium.The airport offers some colorful terraces, with a view on the runway and lounges to relax in that typical festival atmosphere. Our check-in at gate A57 is not crowded for once, as only a dozen people get onboard the party flight to Frankfurt. At check in, i get a new boarding pass with an upgrade to business class, seat 3F. We’re flying the A330 and i hadn’t tried this business class yet.


Economy & Business class

It’s a short flight, in only one hour we reach Frankfurt airport. But that’s still plenty of time to check out the features on my seat, and i certainly love the massage button and all the leg space! The entertainement system offers every Tomorrowland aftermovie. For our next trip to the states we will certainly consider booking this cabin. It will give us the opportunity to taste the new menu’s from several Belgian Michelin chef’s.

business class

Beenruimte à volonté

On this short flight the crew serves a welcome drink with some salty snacks. Next is a breakfast with some fresh fruit, yoghurt and a cheese and meat selection. We also had a choice of bread and croissants. Several minutes after serving our meal the pilote starts the landing, we managed just in time to grab our excellent Jules the Strooper cookies from the tray before the took it…


Ontbijt in business class

DJ Sem Thomasson

After our landing on Frankfurt airport most of the party people were waiting at the gate. As soon as DJ Sem Thomasson took place behind the DJ booth they started dancing and celebrating. We took some party pictures from the colorful visitors from Germany, South Africa, Japan and even Saudi Arabia. There’s a small (non alcoholic) bar with some snacks behind the corner. After 45 minutes the party was over and everyone started boarding.


Party flight Tomorrowland


party peopl tomorrowland

Party people

On the plane the party goes on. DJ Sem thomasson turns up the music and the economy cabin gets filled up with teh purple lights from the Brussels airlines light sticks. For security reasons all the passengers have to remain seated. I guess the flight home will be a lot quieter, after three days of dancing.

Tomorrowland party flight

Party on board

In Brussels a lot of pictures are taken with our customized A330 and the Tomorrowland angels. Amare, the A320 of the Belgian icon serie, is also departing to pick up another charge of ‘people of tomorrow’.


After our busy flight it’s time to relax in The Loft.This new lounge is the perfect spot for a lunch and some drinks while we enjoy the view on the tarmac. Admission to the loft is granted to business class passengers and frequent flyers. It’s the best lounge you can visit at Brussels airport and we enjoy our Belgian beer, or was it beers…?

The loft

Uitzicht vanuit The Loft

Live Today. Love Tomorrow. Unite Forever.









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